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Zxicefirexz joined NaNo in 2008. Has has taken part (and won!) every year since. He's very into politics, and has a tendency to go off on political tangents. He presumably has a very large ego, since he's making his own page.

He is also a major contributor to the NaNoWriMo Wiki


Zxicefirexz does not really have one specific style of writing, but he tends to use parenthesis a lot and is somewhat creative with punctuation. His work could be decribed as 'experimental'. Most of what he writes is character driven, but he admits to a love of writing action scenes.

Real LifeEdit

In real life, zxicefirexz lives in Scotland where he pointedly doesn't eat haggis or play bagpipes and, despite his school uniform requiring it, takes every opportunity possible not to wear a kilt. He has a younger brother and knows cheetmeet, but is otherwise verging on hermit-status.

Political ViewsEdit

Zxicefirexz's political (and religious) views are generally quite well known. He's an atheist, gay rights aware, pro-choice, communist and tends to be quite outspoken about it.