This article is about NaNoWriMo participants. For the article about Writing Months, see WriMo.

A Wrimo (or WriMo) is someone who participates in NaNoWriMo in any way. The term is a shortened form of the word "NaNoWriMo".

Criticism of the term Edit

Many say it is nonsensical because, essentially, we are calling ourselves "Writing Months". However, it is still a popular term, and no one has ever accused a Wrimo of being sensical.

Usually writers on the YWP site are called "NaNoers" and the adult site uses the word "Wrimos" more. However, both names mean the same thing.


Wrimos are also known as Nanoers. Some (such as Kristina Horner of the band ALL CAPS, which is of The NaNoWriMo Song fame) call us Nanowrimers, but it isn't catchy and not many people use the term.