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WordsToSay, also known as WTS among many other names, is a NaNo regular. Zie is very intelligent and a very good debater. Zie is considered the best debater, most unique, and deepest thinker by the voters of the Are You Famous thread in the Recess forums.


WordsToSay is well known for hir wonderful poems, which zie sometimes posts on the forums.


WordsToSay created the thread known as The Political Ravings. And also the thread "I love the person above me because..."

Political BeliefsEdit

WordsToSay is a left-winger and describes hirself as socialist. Zie is a staunch supporter in gay rights.

Position on GenderEdit

WordsToSay does not subscribe to the Western illusion of traditional gender roles, and, instead of classifying themselves as she or he, they classify themselves as "zie," an androgynous being that transcends gender. Thus, as a sign of respect, we retain the usage of the pronoun "zie"