&nbsp The UTAU Awareness Club is a club founded by Stella the Hedgehog and someone else who she can't remember, but probably XDLugia362.

The goal of the club is to promote the singing synthesizer program UTAU, which is very similar to Vocaloid except for 2 key differences: 1. You can make your own voicebank; 2. It's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


From left to right: Kikyuune Akio, Momone Momotaro, Kasane Teto, Kikyuune Aiko, Momone Momo, Utane Uta (Defoko), Kasane Ted

UTAU itself is merely a computer program. It's free, and comes with one voicebank: Utane Uta, better known as Defoko. However, UTAU, like Vocaloid, has its own fandom. It has evolved to be more than just a program; Each character has their own personality, and are to many fans real people.

To anyone who is skeptical, I urge you to look into UTAU. It's truly amazing.

Some examples of UTAU songs:

. Kasane Teto - Confront! You look so cool!

. Kasane Teto - Confront! You look so cool! . ~*English Sub*~

Kasane Teto - Confront! You Look So Cool!

【UTAU】Breaking Point - Kikyuune Aiko ( Akio) 【Original】

【UTAU】Breaking Point - Kikyuune Aiko ( Akio) 【Original】

Kikyuune Aiko - Breaking Point