Note: this thread is from a former era of YWP and no longer in existence. 

The Political Ravings is a thread on the middle school forum in which people discuss political issues. The name is often shortened to 'TPR', and indeed, it is so in the thread title. It was created by WordsToSay and is currently in it's third incarnation.


The political ravings originated from a wonderful thread (created by WordsToSay) that talked about the many problems with Twilight, such as sexism, cissexism and general bad writing. Tigers eyes, tadgirl96 and WordsToSay proceeded to discuss various political issues. It was decided that a new thread should be created for this, and so WordsToSay created what was then called 'The Political Ravings About Sexism And Other Inequalities', but was quickly shortened to 'The Political Ravings'.


Over the time it has been around, TPR has accumulated many regular posters. Some of these are: