The Insane Asylum is a well known chat thread in the Recess forum.


The Insane Asylum was started in mid-November, 2009, by a group of NaNoers including Blahh_jmr, Rileyrocks1016, CrAZyNovElist, Jasonthepig and Meggietwin . The idea for it began in a thread known as "Boys and Girls". The person who started the first IA thread, as it is known by the "Asylumees," however, is known to be CrAZyNovElisT

The Asylum went strong for 50 threads, when finally posting slowed down a bit. After the 70th thread, things were picked up and it continued to grow gradually until the early 110s, when many of the former members left.

Current MembersEdit

As of now, the composite members (those who post frequently) of the Insane Aslyum are:

But of course, there are far too many Asylumees to count.