On May 14th, Titania_Silk annouced that she was Queen of Everything. A slew of factions cropped up as a result, sending all of NaNoLand into chaos.

The war officially ended on the 24th, after 10 long days of war. The 'Nona' is partially to credit, as it was created, and everyone became rather entrepreneur-minded, drawing them away from the heat of battle.

The various factions were as follows:

  • Titania_Silk
  • The rebels
  • The Independant States of NaNo (ISN)
  • The anarchists
  • Jason_Jackson (The Movie Raiders)
  • Kikkian's Corner of Kindness

In addition to these, there were several neutral threads where one could go to escape.

The BeginningEdit

Titania claimed to be "Queen of Everything" and the "master of taking over the world." As a result, GraceyK and Kalculator started the Rebels, a group made out of Overladies and Overlords.

Then they declared war.