smiley1600, called Smile, Smiley and Ley, is secretly a unicorn.

Only joking. ^-^ She certainly wishes she was, but (disappointingly) she's only a human. Keep reading to find out more about Smiley's boring human life. 



Smile's first novella, of 12000 words, is called Royally Missing. It's about a princess who finds out that she had a little sister, who was kidnapped. She goes on a quest and gets kidnapped by the antagonist, but escapes, and rescues her little sister. Looking back on her novella, Smiley can tell that it's super-cliched, and that her MC is a Mary Sue. 


This wasn't a good year for Smiley. She started with a novel called "Parlez-Vous Anglais?", with a word count goal of 60000, but extracurriculars took over and Smiley unfortunately couldn't continue with that word count goal. She halved her goal, but on November 10th, her novel fell into a deep plot hole, never to be heard of again. Smiley started over with "An Actor's Secret", which also turned out to be rather cliched. 

 Forum ActivityEdit


During 2011, Smiley was content to stay in her little corner with a cup of hot chocolate, occasionally checking out other people's profile pages to read their novel descriptions. Just after the Wipe of 2012, she decided to venture onto the forums, and now, almost a year later, her mom thinks that she wastes all of her time on Nano. Enough said.

 Nano FamilyEdit

 Bean and Smiley (mostly Bean) have concluded that she's probably related to everyone on Nano - and everyone on Nano (that has Nano family, at least) is related to everybody else with family. Nano-cousins have their Nano-cousins, who have their Nano-cousins, and so forth. 

 Her ForumsEdit

 Smiley spends most of her time on Recess, Roleplaying and Collaborative Stories, Games and Silliness, and Art Class. She occasionally ventures out onto Clubs and Groups. 

 Life Outside of NanoEdit


 Smiley's a huge Harry Potter fan. To everybody else, it's just some books. For Smiley, it's her whole world (along with Nano, of course). She does well in school, and loves math, science, history, geography... you get the gist. 


 Smiley feels like she's an equal blend of what her family has to offer - she's an easily-excitable writer like her mother, a math geek like her father, and she's very hyper, like her younger brother.