The PWSH group is a group for people who support heterosexuality. PWSH stands for People Who Support Heterosexuality.


One of the many varities of Fish.


PWSH was first founded by LydiaK, under the name, "Blanketbag Group". It was a parody of QUILTBAG and not very polite, so the mods renamed it People Who Support Heterosexuality. In later threads, it was shortened to PWSH.

The current thread is PWSH #2: Blub Blub .


The Fish have an official unofficial language called Blub, in which almost every word is a variation of blub, because that is the noise that fish in the wild make. NaomiK made a work-in-progress translator which can be found here;

Members of the group are often referred to as fish, (e. g. "Hello, fish!"). "Blubbo" ("Hello" in Blub) is an acceptable greeting towards fish.

Pronounciation and Acronyms

PWSH has different possible pronounciations, including "push", "pwish" and "pwsh". The pronounciation used depends on the user. FISH, of course, is pronounced, "fish".

PWSH stands for People Who Support Heterosexuality. FISH is a play on PWSH and stands for Fishy Intellectuals Support Heterosexuality.

Members of PWSH

Although technically PWSH is for anyone who supports heterosexuality (and therefore can also be part of QUILTBAG), badgers and fish tend to dislike each other's company. Therefore, many of the members of PWSH do not support the rainbow.

It should also be noted that PWSH is not limited to straight users, just as QUILTBAG is not limited to LGBTQIA+ users. Some of the members of PWSH are LGBTQIA+ and support the rainbow, and some of the members of PWSH are LGBTQIA+ and do not support the rainbow.

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