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Otaku joined Nano in 2011. She first went by the username Just-A-Crow, but she evolved into Otaku about two months later. Some people also call her Addi. She found nano through a girl that goes to her church, who thanks to nano is also now her best friend. Nano is Her procrastination site. Addi is commonly seen in the RPing and recess forums.

Now for some random facts about Addi

  • Addi loves to write 'dark' stories. Generally containing at least one disturbing hallucination or violent torture scene.
  • Addi is something called Demisexual.
  • Addi tries to be active in spreading awareness of asexuality in all its forms.
  • Addi is a Christian. Slightly liberal-Christian but still a Christian nonetheless.
  • Addi is questioning her gender. She considers herself to be either genderless or genderqueer, but is still comfortable with female pronouns. Hence why she's using them while writing her own bio.
  • Addi really isn't that into anime. She chose the account name otaku because she thought it sounded cool.
  • Addi is quite shy. She might want to be your friend, but is way to afraid to approach you.
  • Addi loves to write poetry. Even though she's no good at it.
  • Addi thinks talking in third person is fun.
  • Addi is pretty egotistical and self-centered since she loves talking about herself on things like this
  • Addi needs a life
  • Addi's birthday is January 20th. *hinthint*
  • Addi is an INFP personality type.
  • Addi hates going to parties and participating in large group activities. She'd much rather be at home sleeping or writing.
  • Addi has a lot of siblings. She is five out of six kids.
  • Addi thinks steampunk is the best thing since nanowrimo.
  • Addi's favorite food is sushi.
  • Addi rambles a lot. As you can see.