A drawing done of herself 'Hannah Song'



Merwholockians, Sonic fans, Pegasisters, etc.


Hannah Song, Ruth, Ohio

Fave Color

Blue, black and green

Eye Color


Hair Color


ohioruth is a NaNoer. She likes Doctor Who and Sonic. She calls herself Hannah Song at times because of her love of Doctor Who.


In 2011, ohioruth wrote a story story called Samantha and Hailey; Hawaii Rules. It was about two girls who went to Hawaii. Ruth is ashamed of this, because she was only nine and her writing was ridiculous.

In 2012, ohioruth wrote a longer novel about a teenage gang called the Chicks, who were on the run from the government and another rival gang. This gang included five girls named Anna, Lexi, Beth, Nao and Lya, who were based off of  ohioruth and four of her friends, including NaomiK and LydiaK. Another character named Agent was based after chickadeelover; another of ohioruth's friends. It also included her friend Dean under the name Bean and her two siblings.

In 2013, ohioruth wrote a 5,000 word fanfiction about the TV shows Sherlock and Doctor Who. She wanted to something else because (she had recently come out from a major surgery) she was pumped about proving people wrong about her abilities. After that, Ruth wrote an almost 12,000 word novella about a pixie named Penelope who was sent on a quest to save her home, the King, and her long lost sister. Once again, many characters in the story were based on her real friends.

In 2014, ohioruth is unsure if she will do NaNo or not, but does have a few ideas.







Sonic the Hedgehog

My Little Pony

Under The Dome (TV)


Making dress up games

Writing poetry/song lyrics


Her friends



Listening to music

Going on YouTube



Other FactsEdit

ohioruth, although known mainly as Ruth, on NaNo, is sometimes called by her real name, Hannah. She also goes by a pen-name on her writing.

Although on NaNo since 2011, she did not go on the forums until 2012. She has written five novellas, four being for NaNoWriMo. In 2013 she wrote two, one being a WhoLock fanfiction.

Ruth is good friends with NaomiK, LydiaK, and Chickadeelover, and also enjoys talking to lemonadesummers and Rose The Paradox.

She is a large supporter of Scoliosis Awareness.

Ruth frequently leaves and comes back to the forums in short, sporadic spurts.

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