The NaNoWriMo main site logo

It is said that somewhere over the rainbow , grown people write many, many words every November just as we do. That place is the NaNoWriMo main site, also known to YWP participants as the adult site and to adult site participants as the NaNoWriMo website.

Interactions with the YWPEdit

When NaNoers turn eighteen, the law requires them to leave YWP, and many of them move to the adult site, though the minimum legal age for adult site membership is 13. Many 13- to 18-year-old NaNoers have accounts on the main adult site in addition to on the Young Writer's Program.

Differences from the YWPEdit

The culture and community on the NaNoWriMo main site is very different from ours, as almost everybody is a serious adult, though they do have a forum on there just for teens. People are somewhat less silly and don't refer to themselves as "crazy". There are no novel preparation workbooks there, and no educational resources.

The biggest difference, nonetheless, is that on the adult site nobody gets to set their own official word count goal. Goals are fixed at 50,000 words.


The adult site has its own wiki, which is called WikiWriMo . It differs from this wiki in that it is more serious and omits information about Wrimos and their social interactions. Instead, it deals with official NaNo terms and advice. Most of the information on WikiWriMo applies to the YWP as well as the main site, which makes it a very useful resource.