Myra, wearing her usual jacket and her hair messy, like usual.

miriam25, A.K.A. Myra, is a girl, who's done NaNoWriMo once before. She's very random and hyper when she's tired. She is not a girly girl at all, and gets in daily fights with her mother about combing her hair. She is a Whovian, and, sadly, one of the only ones in her area. She's also a Nerdfighter.

She's on an FLL robotics team, which is going to take a ton of time away from her NaNoWriMo.

She sometimes tries RPs, but once a ton of people start posting, she gets scared and runs away into the corner and eats cookies.

She lives on the west coast of the U.S.A. somewhere, which means that she stays on forums much later than everyone else.

Her two best friends, OwlCitizenForever and Massikur, never go on the forums, which makes her slightly sad. But she's made a bunch of friends by posting like a lunatic.

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