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 Lemonadesummers has been a member of the NaNoWriMo YWP community since October of 2011. Although she has a variety of nicknames, most Wrimos know her as Lem.


Lem joined the young writer's site in 2011 after hearing about NaNo from an older sibling (she later signed up on the adult site as well). Her first novella centered around the importance of side characters in a stereotypical novel, leaning heavily on wordplay and the destruction of the fourth wall. The first full-length novel she wrote was written across the span of one Camp and one NaNo and dealt with heroes who weren't, time travel, and the fact that good does not actually always conquer evil. For her third session of NaNo, she wrote a science fantasy story that once again played with non-traditional views of right and wrong, although this one was focused in another world and involved more airships. After writing the first draft, Lem began work on the second; soon in, however, her ideas for the plot and characters completely changed. She decided that a total rewrite was necessary, and plans to start the story over from scratch this upcoming November.


Although she prefers to pen sci-fi and fantasy stories, Lem has dabbled in an abundance of other genres and also greatly enjoys writing poetry. Common themes in her writing include the grey areas of morality, the interaction between and coexistion of advanced technology and magic, and time travel. Lots of time travel.

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Staff HistoryEdit

Lem is an official unofficial mod as of July 9th, 2013. So far she has not actually done anything mod-y, but that's a good thing, right?


She's a friend you can be proud of. Brilliant, she is.

She's really nice and kind to everyone, and she's not a terrible PMer at all.

(You guys are super sweet, whoever you are--thank you, really.)

Phone is a beautiful person. She is also an inspiring writer, an amazing conversationalist, great at asking the right questions and giving correct answers, and is an all around brilliant person. She is also a fantastic friend, and I feel very lucky for having known her.

Lem is the cutest! She was one of the first people I spoke to on NaNo and she's always been a great friend.