Just be yourself is a random roleplay on, of course, the RP forums. Made by Soccerdog8, Just be yourself, otherwise known as JBY, is a roleplay where everyone plays as themselves. No forms. It's main members are Scout_The_Dog, Dragonfirehurts, MyFlickaBick(I hope i'm spelling it right.), and lemonadesummers. It has continued to a seventh thread. Where in the start, Scout_The_Dog, otherwise known as Dalphia in JBY, somewhat started a battle over a lawnmower known as Mowy. They then discovered Mowy was evil, and Soccerdog8 sent the lawnmower army to the Dark forest, a place in the Warriors series. Dalphia and Dragonfirehurts, otherwise known as Quirk in JBY, had then decided during the week, when Dalphia is not allowed internet, that Quirk, who, dumping a whole lot of fairy dust dumped on him had turned him into a fairy i believe, was going to be the villain unti Dalphia returned for the weekend. Quirk continues making a statue out of solidified fairy dust at this moment. It has now continued to four threads, and in the third, Quirk made a army of statues to attack the Random House of Randomness, and we then ran for the Wipe shelters as the great Wipe was upon us. In the fourth thread, Sock and Mowy, who Sock discovered in the third thread was not evil after all, did not make it to the Wipe shelter. Everyone else, including a new member and Soccer, Sock's inner editor, made it safely. Sock passed out and Mowy was destroyed. He is now awake and attempting to repair Mowy.