Icyowl97, more widely known as Potter, Icy, Rain, Piper, Sherlock, Owl etc., is a much loved NaNoer who unfortunately is prone to frequent cases of death. She's a veteran of the Great Pygmy Puff War, and renowned throughout all of NaNo Land for
her brilliant mind and stunning skills of deduction. As well as here undeniable adorableness, her somewhat dry sense of humor, and her seeming obsession with gifs.

NaNo LifeEdit

Potter has been a Wrimo for several years, having started in 2011. She's active on the forums and can often be seen around various roleplays, threads in Recess, etc. She has a medium-sized NaNo family, including a clone, PenSamuria, and a NaNo wife, LemonadeSummers, as well as various other relations.

Potter used to be very active on the forums, but lately has all but vanished. No one is actually quite sure where she is, though there have been rumors of her being kidnapped by pygmy puffs, her falling into a mod hole, or, perhaps, having tamed a wild Jabberwocky and riding around the internet.

Other ThingsEdit

Potter is the creator of the site's Sherrock group. While the group may appear to be dead at the moment, we're convinced that that isn't the case. But she also can't be bothered to actually bring it back because Potter is a lazy Owl. She moves slower than a glacier. (See what I did there? Icy-Ice-Glacier? Ha!)

Potter Is A Beautiful Owl. I mean, just look at that picture!Edit

Potter is one of those people I know cares about me and makes me smile because of it.

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