Heather dudley- bio pic

Our glorious mod, pre-haircut.

Heather Dudley, formerly known by the username Dragonchilde before a promotion required that she go by her real name, is the primary moderator of the YWP forums. She works for the Office of Letters and Light. Her assistants have included Cylithria Dubois and Rob Diaz.

All Nanoers have great respect for her and her moderator powers, she is always fair, and plays a big part in keeping NaNoland safe. However, some believe her to be 'infamous' after the Chatboat Schism.

She has a life IRL, and even raises kids! Rumor has it that while NaNoWriMo and the Office of Letters and Light are largely run from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, both she and Rob Diaz live on the other side of the country. It's astonishing how she manages to find time to moderate, but she does.

Ms. Dudley's username on NaNoWriMo YWP used to be Dragonchilde, but when her position in the OLL staff was raised, she had to change it to her real name to make it more official. Many people still refer to her as Dragonchilde, or abbreviate her names to HD (Heather Dudley) or DC (DragonChilde).