Please remember to:

  • Use proper English. No one can understand you if you talk in text speak or other non-standard versions of English all the time.
  • Please link back to other pages with [[]]. You just put the name of the article between the brackets like so: NaNoWriMo Wiki and "POOF!" all is well in NaNoLand.
  • Before creating a new article, check and see if the article already exists. This helps keep everything nice and orderly.
  • Please add as much information as you can to an article--for instance, know that WordsToSay has twelve cats and a pet burro? Add that to hir page. Know that Eccentrickid95 is a devout Buffy fan? Add that to his page. The more information we have, the better. However, please be careful of adding personal information to other users' wiki pages, and ask the individual in question when unsure about whether to post something on their page.
  • Please don't mess with our information. Make sure that something is true before you add it--nobody likes being lied to, whether it's intentional or not.
  • Make sure your edits have the intended effect, so someone doesn't have to go clean up after you.
  • Don't spam the pages with random junk. You will regret it.
  • Please add user pages to the "NaNo users" category. There is also a "Users" and a "NaNo Users" category, but those aren't linked to on the site header.