Frenchorange is a rather odd piece of work, considering she can make a variety of odd faces. She can come off as proud, considering she's typing her very own page. She's known as Frenchie to most, but to Liam (Head Phil), she's known as Evo, the name being derived from her username initials FO, but the weird Liam decided saying 'Evo' was more fun. Her NaNo sisters are lemonadesummers, and Lady Peppermint (aka Knight of Light), who will have to leave at the end of July of 2013.

History of Her Time on NaNoEdit

In the (early) summer of 2012, Frenchie was in need of friends. She had heard of NaNo, but found that she was not old enough to sign up for the adult site. Although, she found that, on the adult site, there was a link to a strange 'YWP.  Frenchie found that she could sign up, and so she did.

At the time, Frenchie was having some trouble with her RL (real life) friends. She will not go into detail, but she knows that her cabinmates in Anaklusmos during the summer of 2012 can remember (and how derpy she was). Finally, through the miracle of NaNo, her friends signed up and apologized. Frenchie was able to start anew with them, and was glad.

For some time, she stayed mainly to other sites, partially forgetting about the people of NaNo. Later, she came back, happy to join the throng of odd NaNoers much like her. She started small, then joined more and more threads, mostly role-plays. The Wipe came, along with the thought of trying something new.

Today, she is a member of many, many threads, and will continue to enjoy her time with her friends for many years to come. She is a resident Quiltbadger.

Likes & DislikesEdit


  • Good literature, including the following : Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, anything by J.R.R. Tolkien, Artemis Fowl, Ranger's Apprentice, and much more
  • Doctor Who, Sherlock
  • Rowan Atkinson's work
  • Her NaNo friends (scratch that, she LOVES them)
  • Procrastinating
  • Tumblr
  • Staying up too late
  • Cats
  • She's just rambling now.


  • Jerks
  • Vindaloo curry
  • Bad grammar
  • A bunch of other stuff she could rant about, but she'll spare your poor ears.

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