Faith first joined NaNoWriMo November 1st, 2009. She became the editor of The NaNoNewsletter after kblahblah-snazzy resigned to focus on her schoolwork.


Faith runs a signature/cover and other types of art shop in the Art section of the YWP NaNoWrimo forums. However, she specializes in signatures. It is called Faith's Fabulous Shop and is indeed fabulous.

She was the editor of the NaNoNewsletter for a few months. She now currently runs the Contest division of the Newsletter and helps blalackbear with general management of the day-to-day minutiae. Besides all this she does, she also attempts to help build up others on NaNo (and probably in other places as well). A prime example of this is the thread she started: Spread the Love.


Faith is interested in Christianity, Music, Coffee, and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Writing Faith tends to write in the Fantasy fiction genre. She is currently working on the second book in a trilogy, The Quests: Saving the Star Sealer. She is also an avid writer of poetry.

Political BeliefsEdit

Faith is a right-winger.