FairyTaleArista is the clone of the former KendraKnitterbug who died of existintites in June of '11. She prefers to be known as Arista or The Arista, but there are some stubborn people that still want to call her Kendra.IMG 1320-3

She is a mostly regular member of The Charrie Convo, and is known for randomly making the room go crazy, or turning it into a boat, called the Carmanaught. She's almost always accompanied by at least one of her Fairy Tale Charries, especially her bodyguard, Robin (the twin sister of Sleeping Beauty's Prince) or her second-in-comand, Maryanne, (who's connections to Fairy Tales are many and complicated).

Her comfort genre is Fantasy and she tends to lean towards comedy. She likes to write on her blog

When she isn't writing she likes to knit, crochet, and read.