POTS (just me)

Pots are cool.

EZforever joined Young Writers' NaNoWriMo on October 5th, 2012. She heard about NaNoWriMo from her brother, who does NaNoWriMo on the adult site. She goes by a lot of nicknames, like Evam, Ever, Evaly, Music, Virginia, but is mainly known by her real name, Emily. Strangely, she hates being called by her initials, EZ. She also dislikes it when people call her by her username and capitalize the wrong letters or leave the wrong letters uncapitalized.

Forum LifeEdit

EZforever went on the forums around late October and early November. She was still a newbie at the time, and we all know how newbies are, but somehow she managed to have conversations with people. Soon enough, her bad grammar and spelling became better as time passed on. 

Once she got to know the forums better, she even joined a roleplay, but the roleplay never started. She was there when Games and Silliness was made, and she guesses that's something to be proud of.


Before NaNoWriMo, EZforever was working on a book that was going to be titled By Grace, about two sisters who are orphaned at a young age, but she threw away that book. For NaNoWriMo 2012, she wrote Rising High, though she never published nor finished it.

She has had a ton of ideas for book plots, but she never finished a book yet. Currently, she's in the publishing process of Bittersweet, a poem book.