Cylithria Dubois was a moderator of the YWP for several months. She worked alongside Heather Dudley. She went to the hospital and then she just sort of disappeared.


CD, as she was called, instituted the Social Groups forum and other Extracurricular forums that would later be consolidated into the Fan Club Forum. At that time, only she and occasionally HD was allowed to post threads in Social Groups. She initiated The Loser Club's switch fron the Recess forum to the Socisl Groups and Clubs forum. She was rather strict about posting things in the right forums, but she was very nice and we loved her anyway.


Cylithria Dubois was sometimes shortened to CD. (This made things confusing, because the two mods were CD and DC.) Once somebody thought her username was a literary allusion, but it turned out just to be her real name.


"I saw this thread and thought that 'The CD Club' must be where people exchange compact discs, and I started freaking out, wondering why I created this thread, because exchanging CDs would involve users sharing their addresses, but then I read the thread."

"This is the club for..."

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