History on NaNo YWP Edit

ChasingMyTale was a Nanoer active from early 2013 to mid-2014. Fae was mainly active in the QUILTBAG+ thread and in Recess. Fae left Nano after the moderators repeatedly ignored faer requests to close a group fae found incredibly offensive and that indirectly and directly caused extreme distress to faer and many of faer friends. Fae continues to burn Bibles, kick puppies, drink the tears of innocent cishet neurotypical children, etc, on other sites and in faer offline life.

Other relevant (and irrelevant) info Edit

Platonically married to the user Willow the Advisor. Platonically married to, /then divorced from/, the user Rose the Paradox. Nonbinary (they/them or fae/faer). Asexual. Aromantic. Confirmed cisheterophobe and reverse ableist. Nonreligious theist.

Self-diagnosed with autism, DPDR and psychosis. History of depression and social anxiety. Self-destructive tendencies, self-harm problems, often suicidal. Almost certainly schizophrenic. Basically just a complete mess.

Fae has several names, but would like to be known to NaNoers who fae doesn't know offsite as Chase, as that's a name fae left behind with NaNo.

Fae keeps coming back and editing this to say something different because fae keeps changing his mind about what final impression fae wants to leave. And also because the information keeps changing. You might have noticed.

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