CTT, otherwise known as Count to Ten (or higher) before the Mods Get Here, is an extremely popular forum game. Originally created by Rowena Williams in October 2012, CTT has skyrocketed to 102 threads and counting.

About CTTEdit

In CTT, Nanoers count upwards until one of the moderators (mods) comes and brings them back to zero. Although new CTTers are coming in all the time, some frequenters of the thread include Tarina, EZforever, soccerdog8, sparklerat, JadaB, emilyc1853, bonniebooface, 22rainbows101, and occasionally Bean, legostarwarsii, and cakethecat.


In February 2013, an old thread called "How high can we count?", by Risa1510, was discovered in Recess. Rowena Williams, creator of CTT, had posted this:

Twenty-eight! =) This thread has given me an idea...*poofs away*

NaNoers are almost certain that this is where the idea of CTT came from.

CTT started out with mostly just counting, but since then it has blossomed into a chat thread as well as a forum game. It began in Recess, but was moved into the Games and Silliness forum, when the latter was created.


In the title of a CTT thread, the creator generally follows this template.

CTT [number]: In which we [do something]

For example, CTT 96: In Which We Talk and Get "Zeroed" by the Mods...

The thread has created several spin offs, including the club "Counters of Ten" by ? [edit here] and the Recess thread "A Shrine to the Creator of CTT" by sparklerat.