The Baddies Evil NaNoWriMo Army and Character Hotel were two RPs that went on for a long stream of time, most of which with the same main cast of characters.

It began in Character Hotel, made by DragonRabbit88 on November 7th, 2009. The plot was that of the roleplayer's characters from their novels being basically tossed into a hotel. The Shella was complete with a Banshee Countess(or Contessa, as TBStorycrafter persisted in calling her) who was free to be pushed down the garbage chute at any given time when she was screeching out song lyrics. Eventually, MynaOphelia's bounty hunter character decided it was high time to kidnap everyone with powers for a certain Company that won't be named here (just like the characters). After TBStorycrafter's angel character's spirit hung around stalking and randomly bursting into song, the group broke out and headed for the sewers. After a long while of getting back to the hotel and remembering it was burned down, several characters aided in the rebuilding of Shella Hotel with their powers. Much randomness commenced afterwards, such as time travel, a spark of romantic interest, a visit to see Kronos, etc., etc.

The Baddies Evil NaNoWriMo Army, made by Eilatan_Lecter on December 4th, 2009, started with an invitation from an evil mastermind (who didn't show up until after the base had been bombed and filled with several fights) to the roleplayer's villains. A fair few of the characters from Character Hotel showed up. After a series of arguments, a bombing, and a random game-hacking, one of the characters decided it was time to change her altered appearance and reveal herself as the same angel from Character Hotel, MynaOphelia's bounty hunter's girlfriend. Another fight ensued, the cause of all this catastrophe finally showed up, arguing over world domination methods, another fight ensued, etc. A spy from the Company turned up, the angel and bounty hunter got married, another couple got married, etc. etc.

The RP ended off somewhere around where the angel and bounty hunter had children, being left as the only roleplayers left. Shortly after the beginning of the NaNo 2010 year, the stream of roleplay threads ended. There were 17 Character Hotels and 14 Baddies RPs.