AyG joined NaNo at the suggestion of a friend on October 24, 2009.  However, she didn't go on the forums until 2011, which is probably a good thing because she was quite an annoying newbie on other forums when she was 10.  She was not a regular year-rounder until 2013.  Her first NaNo was a plotless, 5,000 word thing called The Thing About Kelly-Marie.  Now, she is 14 and her most recent NaNo had a coherent plot and she made it to the full 50,000 words.

Her forum nickname is Aria, which is her real name, but she can't think of a cooler nickname, and she came up with AyG when she was 10.  She's not fond of that username anymore, but doesn't want to create a new account.

Aria's NaNosisters are RiverSong62 and HannahLynn, and she'd like to shout out to them and the rest of the NaNo community for just being awesomesauce.

She's on the adult site under the name "nightlove1200."


When Aria's not writing, she enjoys reading, performing in musicals, singing, dancing, acting, shopping, going on Pinterest, swimming, talking walks or bike rides, watching Doctor Who, listening to music, and talking.  Aria always has characters and a story in her head that she likes to work with.  Aria likes history, psychology, and law and wants to be a journalist or a statistician when she grows up, in addition to publishing several books.

She is currently 14 years old and is a freshman at a public school.

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