"Are You Famous?" was a thread created by faith_luvs where users could vote for the users they thought fit best into various categories. It gave rise to The Loser Club, which was originally for people who didn't get many votes.


These are the results for the first time this contest took place. Faith_luvs has confirmed that it will take place again, starting on Thursday 3rd March, 2011.

All Around AwesomenessEdit

  1. faith_luvs
  2. WordsToSay
  3. CrAZyNovElisT
  4. Wordbender

Best RPerEdit

  1. Faolane
  2. SilencedSpirit
  3. PencilKeys

Best DebaterEdit

  1. WordsToSay
  2. WordBender
  3. Xanthus
  4. zxicefirexz
  5. faith_luvs

Funnest PMerEdit

  1. RunningWithScissors
  2. Elly_Girl, Sakura
  3. Oliviapig, faith_luvs, Sarah127127, Pyron, RachelRose

Most UniqueEdit

  1. WordsToSay
  2. Eccentrickid95
  3. WordBender, Sakura, Xanthus, J.Bizzle
  4. AlohaAuthor7, Oliviapig, Pyron, Silv

Best ConversationalistsEdit

  1. tsbasasakura
  2. WordsToSay
  3. Oliviapig
  4. Crazynovelist, SilencedSpirit, Eccentrickid95, WriterofTragedies, Elly_Girl

Deepest ThinkersEdit

  1. WordsToSay
  2. Oliviapig
  3. Eccentrickid95, Faith_luvs, RachelRose, SilencedSpirit
  4. Harrison88, MILK, zxicefirexz