Even more derp

Abasnail is a seventh-grade NaNoer who joined in September of 2010. She completed her first novel at 50,038 words and is most well-known for the Shugo Chara!~ roleplay, where she currently has 6 characters. Although she mostly lurks in the roleplay section, she sometimes posts in Recess. Recently, she joined the staff of The NaNoNewsletter, but due to conflicting schedules, she has yet to send anything in.

Although mostly called Abasnail, she is occasionally called Aba or snail and is indifferent to any name she is called by.


Abasnail's first novel was named 'I'm still here', and was mostly a failed experiment. She'll be the first to admit that it sucks, and she's already planning for NaNoWriMo 2011.